Game log

Soooo. I’m trying something I was thinking about for a really long time: keeping short notes on games/movies/books I consume. As games are easiest for testing purposes, I dumped couple of one paragraph notes here. Let’s see how long I will be able to do that.

And while I’m here: I have couple of blog posts about my next interactive fiction and an authoring tool I’m developing for it in the pipeline, hopefully I will publish them soon.“Alan Wake”, Status.Completed);

Long time since I’ve played this one, so my recollection is a bit fuzzy. However: I liked the story and twists were well played,  I think. The gameplay was good at start, as you need to switch between bullets and light, but it got old quickly (usually, I play this kind of games on easy, so it might be more intense on harder mode — I’m not sure after all that time). It wasn’t scary at all, as there were tons and tons of same kinds of enemies. I remember being stunned by sheer size of the game, however there was lots of running through boring space. So basically good one, even if a bit flawed. Best part were those late night radio shows. I loved those. Ah, and what those stupid coffee thermoses were supposed to mean?“140”, Status.Completed);

I think I remember quite liking this one, even though I’m not a big fan of rhythm games (actually I really suck in them). I think I finished it in something like 3 hours or so (steam snapshot includes the time I was doing something else while game was still running).  I like minimalist design of the game and its clear visual language. The music was good I think, controls responsive. I remember one of the last levels used that ultimate dick move of games which inverts the controls, which I really hate, but other than that: nice one.