Log.game(“Anomaly Warzone Earth”, Status.Abandoned);

OK, I abandoned this one before finishing, but I did have some fun with it. It is as good as inverse tower defense gets, I think there is some story, which is totally not important. In the end it is not that interesting to deserve to be finished. But yeah, fun little game.

Log.game(“Alan Wake”, Status.Completed);

Long time since I’ve played this one, so my recollection is a bit fuzzy. However: I liked the story and twists were well played,  I think. The gameplay was good at start, as you need to switch between bullets and light, but it got old quickly (usually, I play this kind of games on easy, so it might be more intense on harder mode — I’m not sure after all that time). It wasn’t scary at all, as there were tons and tons of same kinds of enemies. I remember being stunned by sheer size of the game, however there was lots of running through boring space. So basically good one, even if a bit flawed. Best part were those late night radio shows. I loved those. Ah, and what those stupid coffee thermoses were supposed to mean?

Log.game(“140”, Status.Completed);

I think I remember quite liking this one, even though I’m not a big fan of rhythm games (actually I really suck in them). I think I finished it in something like 3 hours or so (steam snapshot includes the time I was doing something else while game was still running).  I like minimalist design of the game and its clear visual language. The music was good I think, controls responsive. I remember one of the last levels used that ultimate dick move of games which inverts the controls, which I really hate, but other than that: nice one.